Ten Principles to Free Your Mind
by John R. Barker

Our thinking defines our reality. Nothing is more powerful than the human mind and it's ability to create. Often our thinking creates thoughts which disempower us, however. Following these ten points one can experience greater clarity and joy; see more opportunities and possibilities. Free Your Mind!

1. Know what you want and why you want it.

We cannot get what we want until we know what it is! Often the things we think we want are things someone else tells us we should want. So ask yourself – “Do I really want this or is it about impressing others?”

2. Stop being “right” and go for the result.

Life offers infinite options and possibilities, but often we only see one or a few ways. Being *right* results in feelings of anger and hostility; it produces conflict, and prevents forward progress toward our desired result. Keep your eye on the result desired and your mind open to the idea there is always another way.

3. Recognize your freedom to choose.

Life offers infinite choices and in every moment we choose the experience we are having. The life you are living right now is the culmination of the choices you have made up to now. If you are not experiencing the life you want, simply make different choices.

4. Keep Your Agreements

Always keep your agreements – with yourself and others. Not doing so will result in feelings of guilt, obligation and ultimately diminished trust – of yourself and from others.

5. Nothing means anything

All meaning is created by the way we choose to experience the events that make up our life. There’s that choice word again! Choose meanings based in love, joy and opportunity instead of fear, insult or “victim” and your world will flourish.

6. You do not understand anything

Your enquiring mind wants to *know*. That is its job. But, everything is constantly changing. Life is ever transforming, growing or dying. Understanding is always thinking from the past – not that understanding is inherently *bad*! But, thinking is not experiencing. Understanding is placing our past experiences on a unique experience in the now.

7. Live in the present, not the past

Assumptions, interpretations and stereotypes are our way of quickly assessing a situation. These thought faculties serve a valuable purpose, but they also prevent us from fully experiencing the present moment. Our past experiences create filters, which influence how we perceive a current situation.

8. Are you thinking from love or fear?

All of our thoughts have a foundation in love or fear. Love based thoughts produce faith, commitment, opportunity, joy, love and other emotions which help us find our bliss. Fear based thoughts produce hopelessness, overwhelm, anger, insult, confusion, guilt and other disempowering emotions.

9. Develop impeccable integrity

I explain integrity as the level of personal freedom one experiences. Integrity is walking our talk. When integrity is breached, we lose trust for ourselves to show up and manage the results we produce. There is no freedom to experience our highest self when breached integrity leads to emotions like fear, hostility, frustration or guilt.

10. Always tell the truth

When we are dishonest, we may believe we are getting away with something. Not! To me a lie is a direct means for telling myself, “I cannot trust myself to manage the consequences the truth might bring.” Getting caught in a lie might damage trust with another, but the real cost is the trust damaged with yourself as soon as you’ve told it. A life free of hiding anything about ourselves is the truth that sets us free!

By following these ten keys, you will experience a greater degree of personal freedom.  The energy you have spent worrying and feeling fear, frustration, anger or overwhelm will be freed up to make powerful changes in your life – changes that will result in creating a life full of peace, opportunities and happiness.

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