Articles for Personal and Professional Growth


The Top 10 Ways to 'Make Your Mark' Every Day
by William Arruda

Branding expert William Arruda gives you ten practical, yet powerful, tips to communicate your brand identity and build equity.

Transforming Small Business Worldwide
by Ilene & Michael Gerber

Gaining Visibility
by Brian Tracy

Personal development and business success expert Brian Tracy offers advice on how to get noticed and get promoted.

Effective Communication

Principled Communication by Stephen R. Covey

To value oneself and, at the same time, subordinate oneself to higher purposes and principles is the paradoxical essence of highest humanity and the foundation of effective leadership.

Life Balance

How to Live on the Edge without the Agitation
by Jeffrey D. Brown
Ten key components to pushing the envelope without burning out or stressing out.   This program is available as a workshop.

What Are You Putting Up With? by Jeffrey D. Brown
All of the things you tolerate -- clutter, distractions, people who drain your energy, and other annoyances both large and small -- are costing you.

Navigating Change by Jeffrey D. Brown
In a changing world, it's not uncommon to find yourself faced with the unfamiliar, where things look similar to something in the past, but the moment requires a new approach, a new way of thinking, and a new set of actions.

Personal Finances

Money Matters
by Suze Orman
Take control of your financial wellness with sage advice from best-selling author, Suze Orman.

Abundance Rule of 3's
by Scott Andrews

Conscious Prosperity
by Joan Sotkin

The Keys to Financial Prosperity: Growth vs. Cost Cutting
By Scott Andrews

Six Steps to Financial Success
By Scott Andrews

The 7 Top Ways Millionaires Become Wealthy
Steven Mattos

There are 7 common factors to those who build net fortunes of one million dollars or more. In America, there has never been more personal wealth than there is today; yet most American's are not wealthy.


Health and Wellbeing

Balance Points for Personal Effectiveness
by Jeffrey D. Brown

As a former fitness coach, my clients all learned three simple, at-home exercises that improve upper body strength and posture: push-ups, pull-ups and dips.

Enhance Your Personal Vitality Through Good Posture
by Jeffrey D. Brown

Good posture doesn't happen by accident.  It is the result of healthy habits, including specific behaviors designed to stimulate and strengthen key "postural suspension" muscles.

Body Imagitis
by Rinatta Paries

There is a terrible disease among us called "Body Imagitis" and it strikes people from all walks of life.

Personal and Spiritual Development

Top Ten Principles and Benefits for Playing theGame
theGame is a 100-Days program designed to create breakthrough results in your personal and professional life.  Learn from theGame's inherent wisdom using these ten key concepts.

Ten Principles to Free Your Mind
by John R. Barker

Our thinking defines our reality. Nothing is more powerful than the human mind and it's ability to create. Often our thinking creates thoughts which disempower us, however. Following these ten points one can experience greater clarity and joy; see more opportunities and possibilities. Free Your Mind!

Ten Steps to Transform Your Life
by John R. Barker

Transformation is the process of becoming, or recognizing we already are, whom we desire to be.  Embodying these following ten points will transform your life and create whatever you desire.

I am
by John R. Barker

Reshape your life by recognizing your ability to recreate your personal identities.   Shift your consciousness to create the life you desire.

7 Key Steps to Unshakable Confidence
Steve Brunkhorst

Time Management


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