In a changing world, it’s not uncommon to find yourself faced with the unfamiliar, where things look similar to something in the past, but the moment requires a new approach, a new way of thinking, and a new set of actions.

So, how do you navigate change? Sometimes, surrendering old ways of thinking and doing are required in order to discover a more effective way, something better suited to the demands of today. But, if you are to surrender, what do you surrender to?

A mentor of mine taught that surrendering to a place of larger knowing, a sense of the Universal Spirit within us, yields the right results. This is advice that has proven valuable to many of my clients through the years. But how do we surrender?

I coach clients to follow a heartfelt sense of what they deeply want in life, to explore an inner sense of who they are, beyond limited self-concepts, and to look deeply into their own intuitive sense of what to do next, given what they know and what is available. When faced with radical change, it helps to use your best resources!

Here’s a simple sequence to explore when you’re feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what’s next:

  • Sit quietly for a moment.
  • Feel the pace and depth of your breath. Notice if you can, your heartbeat.
  • For just a moment, surrender your body weight to whatever you are resting on.
  • Bring to mind the question or concern that you have.
  • Ask your inner self what the most loving solution to this challenge would be.
  • Ask your self what action to take in response to this challenge.
  • Ask your self who you will become by taking this action.
  • If who you will become is aligned with who you want to be, choose several simple things you can do to accomplish this.
  • Knowing what you now know, take a moment to practice gratitude for all the good in your life. Find something simple you are grateful for, and rest for a moment in this sense of loving gratitude. Give thanks for what you now have and for the opportunity to express your new insight through action.


What did you discover on your journey inward? How often do you allow yourself to surrender “what must be done” to your inner knowing for guidance? Who can you look to for support as you apply these insights in your daily life?

As a coach, I regularly remind clients to take a moment and pose challenging questions to that part of them that can provide the answer. I’ll guide them through a sequence for accessing inner knowing, and then, based on what they find, we’ll work together to develop strategies for implementing the wisdom gained.

At its finest, this is where the real magic of coaching occurs. And, it’s a wonderful reminder for us that the answers to life’s really big questions are best found within.

May you be blessed with wonderful change(s)!


About Jeffrey Brown:  Jeffrey is a business and personal coach specializing in progressive wellness, emotional intelligence and everyday spirituality in business and life

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