By Jeffrey D. Brown

What Are You Putting Up With?

All of the things you tolerate -- clutter, distractions, people who drain your energy, and other annoyances both large and small -- are costing you.

They are keeping you from having a quality life. At the very least, they are having a negative effect on you, draining energy and attention from the more important things in life.

Do something about what's bugging you! Make a list of at least ten tolerations and commit to resolving these energy-drains. Beginning today, take action to eliminate them from your life -- permanently!

Once you've gotten a taste of just how fun toleration-elimination is, try creating a "super-long tolerations list" for yourself. Compile a list of a hundred things that you're tired of putting up with and set aside some time each week to systematically eliminate them. As a coach, I've found that making such a list often ignites a kind of "toleration-solution engine" in my clients, leading to quicker resolution of many of their most common tolerations by helping identify and avert them at the source.

Most people say that when they eliminate a big toleration, they immediately feel more energy -- as if a tremendous weight has just been lifted! To have a quality life and be healthy, we need all the energy we can get. When you eliminate extraneous "stuff," you noticeably enhance your access to the energy that naturally flows through your life.

And that's what it's all about, right?

All the best to you. Jeffrey.

About Jeffrey Brown:
Jeffrey is a business and personal coach specializing in progressive wellness, emotional intelligence and everyday spirituality in business and life.  More

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