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getSynergized Recommended Programs and Resources

Success Secrets of a Straight "A" Student - Ebook
The "work smarter, not harder" approach to getting better grades. Written by a student who transformed himself from a 2.74 high school GPA to a 3.72 GPA at one of America's top 20 universities.

The Amazing Momentum Generator
Put your career or business on the fast track to success with this powerful program. You will learn to take charge of the factors that impact your career success and gain the leverage that allows you to create results faster and more efficiently.

Ace Your Interview - Facts are facts. The best person for the job, doesn't always get it; the person with the best interview does. Having interviewed dozens and dozens of people, I can tell you there were times when someone had a great resume but it was a poor interview that cost them the job. Don't miss out on the big career break you've been looking for because you weren't as prepared as you could have been.


Recommended Reading
I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was - Barbara Sher
This is a perfect book for new college graduates or anyone sick and tired of languishing in a dead-end job or relationship--yet reluctant to make drastic life changes due to uncertainty about what would actually inspire them.

Take Yourself to the Top - Laura Berman Fortgang
Whether you're climbing the ladder or looking to turn your hobby into a real business, this is an excellent book for establishing a serious career course.

Work Happy Live Healthy : New Solutions for Career Satisfaction Including More Time & Money - Tom Welch
One of the best career and job search guides we've ever seen.  Many clients have used this resource successfully during the career coaching process.

How To Say It at Work by Jack Griffin, Tom Power
Addresses the art and science of "putting yourself across," which is a critical for career success.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey


Principled Communication by Stephen R. Covey
To value oneself and, at the same time, subordinate oneself to higher purposes and principles is the paradoxical essence of highest humanity and the foundation of effective leadership.

Gaining Visibility by Brian Tracy
Motivational speaker Brian Tracy offers five key insights into how you can get noticed and build your network of success faster.

How to Live on the Edge: peak performance in your career

Ten components for career success

1. have a skill
know what you can do for people
2. strengthen communication abilities
3. networking
4. leadership
people management
5. self mangement
a healthy, well balanced life
6. time management
7. financial management
8. marketing and sales skills
9. have a clear vision and mission
brand you
10. continuously evolve/grow

Set a positive tone for your job interview

Those Unexpected Telephone Screenings

Closing the Job Interview

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers

Ten Steps to a Job-Winning Interview

Recommended Links - Resources for small business owners.

CareerBuilder -- Jobs from 70+ career sites.


Other Resources -- Inexpensive software for business productivity.

Toastmasters - Learn effective public speaking skills and gain confidence in a highly supportive environment.

Executive Coaching - Put your business into overdrive with a business coach. Directory includes information about life coaching, business coaches with a broad listing of professional coaches.

Anxious About Public Speaking? - Learn to release any uncomfortable feeling on the spot.  Order your free introductory tape and learn for yourself why The Sedona Method is the most effective personal development program in the world. - Top coaches earn $100-200 per hour and more.   Free membership.

Join the world of coaching; a fulfilling and emerging profession.  Coaching is the perfect job for anyone interested in helping people while earning a great living.  This site is also a great resource for existing coaches.

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