Sexual Transmutation: Does It Work?

Does sexual sublimation/transmutation work (improve concentration, self-discipline and focus)? Anecdotal experience welcome, but would love to know if there is any scientific evidence on this issue. Please provide a link/cite if possible, but no worries if you...

Holosync, Hemi-Sync or Holothink?

I have been listening to a Holosync CD now for over 6 months and have felt no difference no change at all My partner has not seen any change in me Am i wasting my time or should i keep going

Muslims and Christians Equally Blessed?

In the Bible we read: t’is more blessed to believe when you don’t have the evidence. Does this apply to all? The Muslim and Christian religions both have an abundance of faith, and scant evidence of course. Can we say then that Muslims and Christians are...

Meditation Retreat Advice?

What kind of meditation retreat, and how long should it be, to de-stress from an extremely intense job? I have meditated before but I need more depth over a sustained period of time. I’m seeing a psychologist for stress and resulting depression, and he is very...

Most Effective Way to Meditate?

How can I go about meditation? What are the different types and which are most effective? Any books that should be recommended to learn how to do it as well as books learning about the art of meditation will help.