The Eight Energies

A well lived life is one in which a person’s life purpose and core values are reflected and honored in each of the following eight key life areas.  The Eight Energies are interrelated and each affects the others.

Why are these areas called "Energies"?

If you consider each of these areas of your life, you will discover each either adds positive energy to your life, or it is an energy drain. An unhealthy relationship, a chaotic environment or financial challenges each are drains on your energy and your ability to be happy and healthy.

In contrast, a deep sense of spiritual peace, a career you find fascinating and challenging and a satisfying recreational life will each bring positive energy to you. You will feel happier and more positive. And you will naturally begin to attract to you what you desire, in a way that seems easier and more effortless than what you may be accostomed to.

The Eight Energies is a wholistic view that recognizes the important connection between all areas of your life on the other. Improving your relationships and emotional/intellectual states will improve your finances. It is a part of the natural order of cause and effect.

You can also use these areas to gain clarity about what you want in your life. For example, if you are choosing a new career path, you will want to evaluate what your ideal career is by including the other seven energies in your decision making.

For example . . .

What is the ideal environment for me to work in?
What type of relationships do I want with my colleagues, friends and family?
What career choice would support my health and fitness goals?

In addition, each grows upon the other and we all begin at Energy One - Spirituality.  While we can achieve success in any one energy at the expense of others, this success will be short lived and ultimately unfullfilling. A strong spiritual foundation is vital to having optimal emotional and intellectual function. A good environment (this is anyplace we find ourselves, from our home to the city we live in) is important to meeting the people we'd like to have relationships with.

For example one can achieve financial succes, however, if the foundation of relationship is not strong then problems are inevitable in that area.   When these problems arise all energy will be invested in that area, taking energy from the other areas - including finances.

Each area is linked to a resource center with tips, resources, links and more that you can use to improve your desired area.

The Amazing Momentum Generator program is also based, in part, on the Eight Energies philosophy. This is a powerful program that will help you achieve rapid results in any area of your life utilizing tested-principles, group synergy and break through coaching . . .


The Eight Energies are . . .

1. Spirituality
Who am I and why am I here?

2. Emotions and Intellect
Are my emotions in control or am I?

3. Health and Fitness
Do I feel healthy and vital enough to live the life I want?

4. Environment
Does my environment enhance me or drain my energy?

5. Relationships
Does my life include only people who support and love me?

6. Recreation
If life is a game, am I having fun playing?

7. Finances
Am I experiencing freedom, peace and abundance financially?

8. Career
Does my work give me life, or a lifestyle?


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The Eight Energies
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