The KonMari Method

Cleaning and tidying your room can be a long a laborious chore. Especially when days after completing the job you find yourself dealing with the same messes.

The KonMari Method is developed by Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo.


Marie says . . .

“Effective tidying involves only two essential actions: discarding and deciding where to store things. Of the two, discarding must come first.”

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest.”

You do this in order focusing on one category of items at a time, such as this:

  • clothes
  • books
  • documents
  • miscellaneous items
  • sentimental

Step one: Take out everything.

Pile ALL items you possess in the category on your floor, in the middle of a room. If dealing with clothes collect all clothes from all closets and drawers.

This gives you a sense of just how much stuff you have and makes it easier to visualize the potential problem of having more than you need.

Step two: Sort your items.

Keep versus Discard. Keep only items that make you really happy.

Step three: Discard

Let go of your past. Sell, donate or throw away those items that no longer bring you joy.

Step four: Arrange

Categorize your items.

We’re preparing for a move to a home a little more than 1/3 the size of our current home. That alone has helped us make some difficult choices but after watching this excellent video we’ve found it even easier to sort through.

Watch the video as there are many more tips and insights you’ll find inspiring and valuable.