Jeffrey D. Brown Jeffrey D. Brown
Progressive Wellness Coach
Conscious Intention Coach
Business and Personal Effectiveness

Jeffrey coaches people in progressive wellness, emotional intelligence and everyday spirituality to fully express themselves in business and in life.   His clients include: entrepreneurs, professionals, alternative health practitioners, Internet and other non-traditional business owners.

Who is Jeffrey Brown?

- An alternative health practitioner turned coach
- A uniquely sensitive and gifted individual committed to lifelong learning
- A dancer with a background in movement as rehabilitative therapy
- A lover of sunshine, the outdoors, and long walks by the river
- A student of the creative power of focused human intention

Top 5 Values
Integrity; Vitality; Balance; Wisdom; Love

I’ve traveled America 8 times, camping in some of our country’s most beautiful state and national parks – five times as a counselor for teenagers, and once more leisurely in a RV.

I owned and operated a natural heath and fitness business in Boulder, Colorado for 6 years where I got the nickname ‘The Posture Coach’.

Family matters to me – I have seven wonderful nieces and nephews that inspire me.

I love to dance.  I am currently studying with a mentor to develop my leadership skills and offer ‘dance as spiritual practice’ programs.

… for more trivia, see below … 

Guiding Principles
We become what we think about most of the time.  Who we hang out with matters more than we know.

Highest Aspiration
To live authentically, helping exceptional people of all ages fully express themselves, step into their true strengths, and create legacies of evolution and peace for generations that follow.

Favorite Quotes

“What we see in the outer is but a reflection of the inner, because we surround ourselves with a picture of our own beliefs.” -- Emmett Fox

“Seeing your own life change is the best proof that you can change the world.”  -- Robert K. Cooper

Favorite Books
It’s So Easy … When You Know How   by Harry Morgan Moses
Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations by Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D. and Ayman Sawaf
Empires of the Mind: Lessons to Lead and Succeed in a Knowledge-Based World by Denis Waitley
The Performance Edge   by Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D.
Sweat Your Prayers: Movement As Spiritual Practice    by Gabrielle Roth
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Time    by Jeffrey Davidson
Work Happy, Live Healthy   by Tom Welch
The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher

Most appreciated comments from clients
I really admire your calm, steady energy and your ability to listen and be present with me.

You have a natural talent for helping me focus on the joy and good present in my life, making the real work of our time together easier and more satisfying.  The wisdom you bring to our sessions, and how you bring that wisdom into what we do, sets you apart from other coaches.  Your natural leadership ability makes your programs fun and effective.  I get a wonderful sense of delight and lightness of being whenever I work with you that makes it easy to consciously experience being in my body while gently unfolding my talents and reaching for my dreams.  -- J.S., Portland, OR

“You offer a truly unique approach to coaching.  I’ve noticed how aware you are of my process – how you tune into the energy rising and falling as we work together – and how you use this to make me aware of when my passion for my vision comes and goes.  The way you support me to move in the direction of my passion brings greater clarity about my next steps, and helps me work through problems and meet challenges.  Your art seems to come from your sensitivity to energy and your capacity to draw me as a client closer to what really excites me.  In this way, you have supported me in the emergence of my strengths and in areas of life and business that truly inspire me.” 

-- S.S., Pagosa Springs, CO

"I am grateful for your sensitivity and ability to say the "right thing" at the "right time," guiding me, not pushing me, through my transition. You have assisted me to see and trust my inner knowing, encouraged me to grow into my dreams, and nurtured me in the skills to create the foundation for change."

-S.T., Ashland Oregon

"You've taught me skills I never learned at college. Your concise and inventive presentation of ideas has enabled me to clarify and prioritize my goals, and is certainly helping me to reach them. In fact, in my four months of working with you, I have seen remarkable changes in both the size and success of my business, with accompanying improvement in the quality of my life."

-E.D., Boulder, Colorado

Papers on his Wall
Graduate, Coach University
Certified Natural Health Therapist and Educator:
The International Center for NaturoBioHolistic Health and Medicine
The Center for Health & Fitness Excellence Master Learner: Jeff and Pamela Krock’s “Training In Life Energy Fundamentals”
B.A.: Designing for Health and Human Behavior: Appalachian State University
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist
Certified Postural Structural Integration Therapist

More Trivia

I’ve traveled America 8 times, camping in state and national parks.  Five of these trips were as Staff Counselor with Teen’s Camping Tour of the West, a program for exceptional teenagers. My most memorable trip across America was in 1994 when I traveled for nine months in an Airstream travel trailer.

In 1996, I relocated from Boulder, CO to Portland, OR.  In the years since, I’ve gone from married to unmarried and learned a lot about myself, my values, what I’m going for in life, and how to be a much better coach.   I am grateful for this learning and for the wonderful community of friends and associates that surround me today.

I am the fortunate uncle of seven amazingly bright and loving nieces and nephews.  Their presence in my life constantly reminds me why building a strong personal foundation and being a lifetime learner on a personal and spiritual development path is so important.  Through my family, I am tremendously blessed.

I love to dance.  Dance provides a vehicle for moving through blocks, false beliefs, and stuck emotions while releasing accumulated stress from my body.  Dance is a personal and spiritual practice for me and flavors my work as a coach.  I first learned dance as a spiritual practice when I began to study Gabriel Roth’s 5 Rhythms.  Now, seven years later, I am entering a mentorship with Vin Marti, developer of Soul Motion, to deepen my own dance and to learn to lead others in a style of dance where exploration of the sacred is a theme.  I am thankful for my teachers and fellow dancers, both past and present, who are showing me how to expand my ability to fully express my authentic self through dance.

Quick synopsis who I am

I am a lifetime student of health and the human sciences with a focus on human excellence and the creative power of focused conscious intention.

A dancer – a healer – a traveler

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