John R. Barker
Personal and Professional Coach

John R Barker is a personal and professional coach, and co-founder of the Sedona, Arizona based company getSynergized.  He has been working with clients who want to create higher levels of personal effectiveness and success for nearly five years.

John has an interesting background of success to draw from.  Upon graduation from high school he enrolled in the United States Air Force.   He was awarded ten ribbons and medals and recognized for outstanding achievement being name Airman of the Month, Quarter and Year in his squadron.

His early successes were recognized and he was selected to serve in the White House, working for President’s Reagan and Bush at the age of twenty.  John continued to excel with the White House Communications Agency and was later selected for duty in the Situation Room, working under the National Security Council.  His tenure included extensive travel in support of the president, vice president and their staff’s.   John’s exemplary service in the White House earned him the prestigious Presidential Service Badge.

When John’s enlistment was complete, after nearly six years of service, he enrolled in Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon.  An average student in high school, John’s experiences raised his level of expectation.   An avid learner, he accumulated nearly 160 credits in two years and earned a 3.96 GPA.

He transferred to the University of Southern California, where he earned Magna Cum Laude honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences, Honors Program.   His studies emphasized film, mass media and interpersonal communication.   While at USC John had the opportunity to work for THX surround sound inventor, Tomlinson Holman.

After considering a career in the film industry, John recognized his passion for personal development and began seeking ways to help others recognize their own untapped potential.  “When I discovered coaching I knew that was what I wanted to do,” says John.

John developed his own coaching program and began working with clients on a part-time basis.   Nine month’s later he “discovered” other coaches in Portland and became one of the founding members of the Portland Chapter of the International Coach Federation.  In less than three years the chapter has grown from informal gatherings of eight or so coaches, to a formal membership of over sixty coaches.  John has been instrumental in the organization's growth, serving in a variety of capacities including chapter co-Host.

With his own life experiences, his rich education in communication and his passion for personal development, John brings a unique flavor and freshness to the coaching industry.  He is also a skilled writer, with numerous personal and professional development articles published across the Internet.  He currently writes and publishes a daily “e-zine”.

John’s vision is to create the most intensive support available in the industry and to make coaching available to the masses.  He and getSynergized co-founder, Jeffrey D. Brown will soon be launching theGame, an intensive 100-days program designed to accelerate personal and professional development objectives for individuals, businesses and organizations.

John is happily married to Dr. Tara Barker, a naturopathic physician specializing in Homeopathy and Women's Health.   The couple resides in Sedona, Arizona with their two cats, Gustav and Lucy.

Services/Resources I offer

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One-to-one personal coaching:  
This typically includes two hours of coaching via telephone each month.  We will work on issues that prevent you from experiencing optimal happiness in your life.

Free Your Mind:  A practical approach to personal freedom
This Internet based course is supported with two hours of group coaching via telephone.   This course has been described as "profound" by participants and it's a great way to learn if my approach is a good match for you.

I passionately believe in the potential you have to manifest your dreams and live an ecstatic life!  

Click here to e-mail me now or phone me at 928-204-1986.

Best wishes, John R. Barker


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