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Rave Reviews

I have been receiving your emails for a few weeks now and I thought I should let you know I enjoy them. I typically "trash" all e-mail that is not work or socially related but yours is the exception.  I appreciate your approach: clean, crisp and to the point. I have been coached for over 3 years and still find your information helpful. Kudos to you!  - Yours truly, MK

This is such a simple and basic outline, but so effective in helping one get out of the quagmire of frustration and into a proactive direction in solving the problem. Thanks! - CM, Sedona, AZ

This morning I got my first issue of your daily newsletter.  You are a genius!  This is great!!!  Just what we need; a bite-sized piece of extremely valuable and thought-provoking material that doesn't take 30 minutes to read and has staying power to be in our minds for the day.  I continue to marvel at how strong your coaching skills are, you're the best! - SB, Tualatin, OR

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