A regular meditation practice can be rewarding and beneficial in many ways, but the act of sitting completely still and silent for a long time is intimidating to some people.  Either they struggle with random thoughts that they can’t seem to quiet down, or they simply grow bored and end up abandoning their meditation routine. But i can tell you this process its simple as a dating.

Have you had similar challenges with your own meditation practice?  If so, take a look at the following alternate methods of meditation.  They are less intense than traditional meditation techniques and therefore easier for many beginners.

1) Get back to nature.

When it comes right down to it, meditation is nothing more than the practice of quieting your thoughts and focusing on something soothing.  Natural settings provide the perfect forum for releasing stress and connecting to soothing sights and sounds!

Choose a beautiful natural setting and take a slow, leisurely walk through it.  Pay close attention to the beauty surrounding you, the breeze on your face, and the feeling of your feet moving in a steady rhythm.  

Another option is to simply sit silently and observe nature.  There are few things more calming than listening to the birds sing or a brook babbling softly nearby, while watching various forms of wildlife go about their daily routines.  Just a few minutes of this every day can soothe even chronic stress away.

2) Immerse yourself in music.

Listening to music while you relax is also another form of meditation, especially if you focus on the notes and consciously release feelings of tension, irritation and negativity.  Try to choose music that has few lyrics, or at least soothing or inspiring lyrics.  Sit or lie in a comfortable position and allow your mind to drift pleasantly with the music.  You can engage in some creative visualization if you like, or just relax and enjoy the experience.

As an alternative to music, you can also purchase audio recordings of natural sounds like ocean waves, rain and storms, wind and wind chimes, birdsong or whale songs, and more.  

3) Practice mindfulness.

Sometimes meditation is a simple matter of staying in the present moment, rather than allowing your thoughts to drift forward or backward in time.  Try focusing solely on whatever activity you happen to be engaged in at the present time.  

Make it a point to consciously detach from external distractions and thoughts that are unrelated to your current activity and simply concentrate on BEING in this moment.  It may take some practice at first, but the more you do it the more easily you’ll be able to remain in a state of mindfulness.  

When you tune in and focus your full attention on an activity, you automatically let go of worries about the future and regrets, anger and sadness about the past.  You are here in the present moment only; and therefore not stressed or anxious.  You can do this with both physical and mental activities, such as household chores, work related tasks, errands and shopping, cleaning and organizing, and much more.

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