Success Secrets of a Straight “A” Student:
The work smarter, not harder approach to better grades


Success Secrets of An A StudentI wasn’t a very good student in high school.  I guess you could say that as hard as I “tried”, I only “got by”.  It certainly wasn’t because I didn’t have the potential.  No, it was because I just didn’t work very smart.

I graduated high school with a 2.72 Grade Point Average (GPA).  That wasn’t high enough to get into any of the public universities, never mind a prestigious private university.

After high school something in me was sparked to discover ways to get more from my abilities.   I became an avid reader of personal development books – I’ve read hundreds of them by now, I’m sure.

From all of this learning, I discovered some gems that allowed me to return to school and rise to the top of my classes. 

I enrolled in a community college – saving myself nearly $50,000 – and utilizing the techniques I share in Success Secrets of an “A” Student proceeded to get 32 straight A’s before my first B (I only got 88% in a Spanish class).  With a sparkling 3.96 GPA I applied to my dream school, the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) and was accepted.

graduationphoto.jpg (6063 bytes)My success as a student continued at USC and I graduated at the top of my class – Magna Cum Laude. 

Notice the honors chord I'm wearing in the photo?  You wouldn't believe how many people offered me money for it on graduation day.

Being recognized for my academic achievements in front of my family, class mates and celebrities, such as Monday Night Football announcer Al Michaels, was one of the highlights of my life.

So you don’t get the wrong idea, I didn’t become a bookworm.  Sure, I did my work, but I also lead a VERY active social life.  I always took a maximum number of courses, I acted in plays, worked on student films, volunteered as a coach for Special Olympics, participated on the Student Programming Board, had internships and part-time jobs, rarely missed a good party, worked out and participated in intramural sports. 

I had plenty of fun and probably spent less time in the books than the students who struggled to get B’s and C’s.

How?   I worked smarter, not harder! 

I didn’t GET smarter.  I worked smarter.

In this guide I share:

-          The best place to sit and why.

-          How to almost ensure an “A” on any essay paper.

-          How to get better scores on multiple-choice tests.

-          The study mistake most students.

-          Tips about “little” things to gain extra points.

-          Why you'll never want to miss another class.

-          How to manage your time so you have more time to play.

-          The importance of getting to know your professor/teacher.

-          The simple power of expectations.

-          And, my secret study weapon that made studying almost effortless!  (If you use this tip and only this tip, I am sure you will feel the low cost of this book was worth every penny.)

-          And, much more!

I am confident that if you read this guide – it will take you less than an hour – and you use the simple but powerful techniques I used, you WILL get better grades.  And, maybe even better than that, you will likely have more free time than you have now.

Your success as a student is ultimately up to you, but I am so sure you will see a difference in your grades IF you use these techniques that if you don’t see your GPA rise, I will refund the cost of your purchase.  Just send your before and after GPA.  That’s it.  No more questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Feel better about your academic success and purchase Success Secrets of a Straight “A” Student now.

Best wishes, John R. Barker


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