The Amazing Momentum Generator

Have you been seeking a proven, effective, powerful way to get real results?

Are you tired of being tired, stressed and pushing harder and harder and harder to have the life you desire?

Are you ready, right now, to dramatically accelerate your mental, emotional and spiritual growth?

The Amazing Momentum Generator . . .

Past participants have achieved amazing breakthrough results in EVERY area of their life . . .

Improved and new relationships . . .
Launching world changing organizations . . .
Completion of projects that have lingered for years . . .
Creating new cash producing income streams . . .
And much, much more!

Whether you feel stuck, knowing in your heart you COULD be producing more powerful results than you are, or youíre already in high-gear and you want to move forward faster, The Amazing Momentum Generator will help you remove resistance and gain leverage that dramtically accelerates you to be who you want to be, to do the things you want to do and to create the life you dream of.

Feel Your Best . . .

Do Your Best . . .

Have the Best . . .

* Reduce stress in your life as you gain mastery over yourself and learn to remove the resistance that keeps you stuck. This will free your mind and energy to focus and take action towards what you want Ė and not what you donít want. . .

* Find yourself becoming more and more creative and seeing opportunities instead of problems. As you gain clarity, results will come easier and easier, faster and faster . . .

* Dramatically improve your relationships, your self-esteem and self-confidence as you take dynamic action with the support of an experienced mentor and group . . .

* Significantly improve your overall sense of well being and inner peace as you increase your emotional intelligence. . .

* Create more wealth and abundance . . .

Hello, my name is John Barker. I have found success in every area of my life and I know that you will too. The Amazing Momentum Generator is a program that will help you put great ideas into action that produces results. You will benefit from the synergy you create throughout your life, as well as the supportive relationships you develop in the process - many that will last for years and possibly a lifetime.

What makes the Amazing Momentum Generator so powerful and successful for those who engage is the synergy of bringing together a group of like-minded people who recognize . Whether you are just beginning, or you have years of experience, I will help you develop and implement powerful strategies to take you to the next level . . . and beyond.

You have no limits . . .

I know this may sound sensational (and it is!), but these arenít just my claims. I literally have hundreds of testimonials on file from people just like you who have achieved extraordinary results with these principles. Here are just a few:

Dramatic shifts in self-esteem and self-confidence that have improved careers, ignited passionate romances, created millionaires, launched businesses and much more . . .

Deep feelings of inner peace that have brought more joy and happiness to everyday life . . .

New and improved relationships with loved ones, co-workers, employees and business associates because who you know really does matter . . .

Effortlessly finding the courageousness to take massive action towards being, doing and having the most exciting things life has to offer . . .

If you are like many of us, youíve read the books, youíve listened to the tapes, youíve attended the seminars . . .

But to achieve true, lasting change in life requires uncommon clarity and support.

Powerful support . . .

Think about the times in your life when you have enjoyed the benefit of working with a top teacher or expert. Think about the times when you had someone in your corner (or a whole GROUP of someones!), supporting you to do your best, to take the risks to go for the big win. Those experiences are rare and priceless, arenít they?

I urge you to invest in yourself; invest in your dreams. Write to me today at or phone me at 928-204-1986 and letís discuss the possibilities that are presenting themselves for your life Ė right now.

Best wishes, John

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To register now . . .
Send your name and phone number to or phone 928-204-1986.

I will contact you with further instructions and billing information.  Group size is limited. Register now to ensure your spot.

The Amazing Momentum Generator

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We are so sure The Amazing Momentum Generator will radically transform your life, that if you play The Amazing Momentum Generator full out for the duration of it and you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the full cost.   

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We guarantee it.  

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