Ten Principles of
The Amazing Momentum Generator

The Amazing Momentum Generator, aka, theGame is a 35-Day program designed for producing accelerated results in your life and business.   
1.  Focus Your Potential. Know Who You Are.
You’ve gotta lotta potential kid.  Potential is like light.  It shines bright but becomes most powerful when focused like a laser.  Before you jump into theGame, know your core values and life purpose.  Hint:  What you fear losing most is what you truly value most.

2.  Clean Up Your Messes. Make Space For Playing Fully.
Welcome to our ool.  Notice there’s no “P”.  Let’s keep it that way!  Before you can put new goodies on your plate, you need to clean up your act.  This includes closets and anything you’re hiding in closets.  To play fully you need a clean slate of integrity as well as a clean environment. 

3.  Create Your Strategy. Plan To Reach Your Potential.
The quickest route to failure is not having a game plan that you follow.  It will keep you clear.  It will capitalize on your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.  

4.  Utilize Support. Nobody Does It Alone.
Life is a team sport.  You want great players on your team whose focus is on helping you achieve your intended results.  Be a great General Manager and assemble the complimentary pieces needed to win.

5.  Reduce resistance. Take Action.  Build Momentum.
Execute.  Execute.  Execute.  A body in motion stays in motion.  That means momentum.  And free of resistance, momentum will maintain and build on itself. Once you begin to execute your game plan things will begin to happen effortlessly.

6.  Keep Doing What Works. Learn From What Doesn't.
Continue moving forward.  If something isn’t working, examine why not and choose an alternate approach.   Just keep moving forward with the valuable new information you are acquiring.

7.  Manage Opportunities. Prepare for Greater Results.
Momentum will accelerate results – and naturally produce more opportunities.  Think of riding a bike down a big hill.  It can be effortless while producing great velocity, but if you take your eyes off the road too long – watch out!  Maintain your values and narrow your focus.  You’re in the big leagues now!

8.  Assume Leadership. Empower Others.
Great players make other players great too.  For you to reach the top, you will need support.  Empower others to do their best and they will free you up to do what you do best.

9.  Become SuperConductive to the Best in Life.
You are a leader now.  You are a winner.  This may be a new feeling.  Stand in it.   Expect the best from life, yourself and those around you.  Reduce resistance and friction.  Let the energy flow.  A winning attitude triumphs over talent alone.

10.  Acknowledge What You Have. Contribute to Others.
What’s the point of playing theGame if you don’t relish the joy of having played it well?  And, there is no joy so great as sharing the experience with others, contributing to their successes as well. 

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