Michael Gerber is a world renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and best selling author of “The E-Myth,” “The Power Point,” “The E-Myth Revisited,” and “The E-Myth Manager.” He is also the founder and chairman of the E-Myth Academy.

“One evening in April my sister, Nancy Dreyfus, who lives across the country in Philadelphia, called me to ask me what I thought of the idea of our meeting in Sedona in July and spending nine days at something called the Sedona Method Training. The thought of spending nine days with my sister, who I adore and never get enough of, anywhere, let alone in Sedona, was all I needed to hear. I made my childcare arrangements, gave instructions to my husband, kissed my family goodbye and I was off, without much more information about what I was about to get myself into.

“Nancy and I met at the Phoenix airport and drove to Sedona together. Everything was as it was supposed to be until the last 10 miles of the drive, which took us off the main highway, in blazing heat, deep into the desert and the middle of nowhere. As soon as I got out of the car at the retreat center to check in and get our room assignment, I was convinced I had made a big mistake. It was hot, it was desolate, there wasn’t a familiar face around. (Even my sister seemed like a stranger at this point.)

“I started plotting my departure. What good excuse could I use to get out of this? Could I get a flight back to San Francisco that evening or would I actually have to wait until tomorrow? How could I have been so stupid as to not have asked more questions about this Sedona thing?

“I looked over at Nancy and suddenly felt unable to abandon her without at least giving the training a shot. We lugged our suitcases up to our room, went to dinner and got ready for the first evening session with Hale and about 15 other participants. I walked into the training room and everything seemed wrong. The room was wrong. The trainees were the wrong people. And the heat. Nine days without an air conditioner. Were they kidding? I settled into my chair, waited anxiously for Hale to start, and somehow, within minutes, I had a profound sense that I had come home. This feeling has not left me, except in moments, of course, since then.

“In the last four months, I have let go. I have let go of anger. I have let go of judgment. I have let go of desperation. And I have let go of wanting stuff that I would never have imagined I truly wanted, until I did the training. Yes, it all comes back from time to time. But it’s different. It’s moved from the foreground into the background. Joy, acceptance, and calm are in the foreground so often I sometimes can’t believe it. I actually find myself laughing at other people’s insanity that would have, four months ago, made me insane.

“People find me so much more approachable. My children, my husband and partner, my employees. I find myself telling myself that it must be that the people in my company are just getting to know me better. But I don’t think that’s really it. I’m just not so scary.

“In October, we brought The Sedona Method to our small business consulting firm, The E-Myth Academy. Our entire management team, including my husband, has been through the training, and this month, 14 more employees out of 50 will be trained. We will soon become a company committed to releasing. In a world filled with people who have, for the last 21 years, done their share of suppressing and expressing, it’s a dream come true.

“And the best is yet to come. Over the next several months, with Hale and Amy’s help, The E-Myth Academy will be integrating the Method into our already astonishing small business development tools and technologies so that thousands of small business owners around the world can benefit from releasing in the process of building their businesses. For 21 years, our company has been in the business of ‘Transforming Small Business Worldwide…One Small Business Owner at a Time.’ How perfect.”
Ilene Gerber

“What can I say? I entered into the 2-day training with no expectations, simply a willingness to discover something. Did I ever! The simple process of letting go has had a profound impact on my life. I don’t readily say such things. I’ve been brought up to believe that leaps in consciousness don’t come easily. That the work is hard. That you have to fight for every step forward, and that you most often slip back three steps for every forward step gained. Not so with The Sedona Method. The freedom gained in those two days is forever with me. The simple question, ‘Would I rather stay stuck, or would I rather be free of it?’ says it all. I would rather be free! Thanks, Hale. It has been a gift. To me, to my family, to my company. And, to our clients.”
Michael Gerber

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